Fall Asleep Quickly

For those that have it hard to fall asleep when they are somewhere new, they are more aware of how important it is to be well rested when on vacation. Over the years, I have always had a rough time of it when trying to sleep on the road and I am constantly asking others on how they go about it. My friends have been able to give me a few suggestions and I am at liberty to share them with others whenever they ask.


Everyone wants a good upgrade wherever they can get it, and that extends to having nice mattresses and pillows at hotels wherever we stay. I am a believer in having great sleeping patterns and that is why I think looking for solutions is always the best way to get over the struggle. Studies have shown that sleeping properly can make you feel good across the board – mind, body and spirit. I have always been jealous of those people that can fall asleep instantly. But I have been living long enough to know that there are many others that have lots of trouble falling or staying asleep during the night. If you don’t have proper sleep, you might find that over time that it affects the brain and the body, including memory, learning, emotions, mood, and other biological functions. Here are some things that you can do to fall asleep better.


Lowering the Temperature of the Room

Thermostat picture

When you are sleeping, the temperature of the body changes and can increase in your feet and hands by about two to three degrees. If your room is too hot, you will have a harder time getting any sleep. Try setting the thermostat between 60 to 75 degrees. It is amazing what only a few degrees can do to your sleeping patterns.


Breathing Methods


I have heard of the 4-7-8 method working for many people as it is an impressive breathing approach that helps to promote relaxation and calmness. I know that some people claim that it helps them unwind right before going to sleep. The 4-7-8 method has been shown to relax your nervous system while sleeping, and plus it can be practiced at any time if you are feeling stressed out or anxious.


Maintaining a Schedule

Woman sleeping

You work certain hours every day, so why not making a pattern for sleeping? Our bodies have a regulatory system known as the circadian rhythm and this internal clock can really make an impact and how we function and feel on a daily basis. I have read many studies that indicate 7 to 9 hours a night of sleep suffices and has been deemed optimal for adults. I personally prefer to give myself about an hour before bedtime to unwind and relax.


Get the daylight


If you get enough daylight, you may find that it helps you sleep better at night. Darkness has also been shown to promote the production of one of the most essential hormones for sleeping, melatonin.